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Supplement Guide for Bro's

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Supplement Guide for Bro's

4 ratings

Take Less Supplements & Know Which Ones To Take For Optimal Health, Testosterone and Longevity

Did you know that the most common T boosters don't boost testosterone and can actually decrease androgen production?

For Example:

  • Fenugreek is a 5 alpha reductase blocker, hence inhibits the formation of DHT which can cause a decrease or even loss in libido. Fenugreek also increased prolactin levels.
  • Saw Palmetto same story as fenugreek: it is a DHT lowering supplement which can cause loss of libido and sex drive (DHT is needed for that).D-Aspartic acid actually lowered testosterone levels!
  • Maybe you are using a supplement like ZMA, tongkat ali or tribulus terrestris to boost your testosterone? 
  • Maybe you also supplement with isolated zinc... but did you know that too much zinc can block DHT formation, lower estrogen levels by blocking aromatase and lower Oxycontin all of which can drastically decrease your libido?

Bad news, the common T booster doesn’t work... 

This Supplement Guide will Teach You:

  • The marketing behind the so called T "Boosters"
  • How a T booster is formulated
  • Which supplements will lower your androgen hormones
  • Which T boosters (both herbs/ minerals/ amino acids) to avoid
  • Which supplements are most effective to raise TOTAL testosterone
  • Which supplements are most effective to raise FREE Testosterone
  • Which supplements are most effective to raise DHT
  • Which supplements are most effective to lower body fat
  • Which supplements are most effective to LOWER Estrogen
  • How long you can take certain supplements
  • Why Testosterone Boosters Are a Waste of Money

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