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The EROS Program - Sexual Health for Men, Fix ED & PE

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Most sexual health problems men experience are:

- Low libido & Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

- PE or premature ejaculation

- Sexual exhaustion (due to nutrient depletion)

- Infertility & Small Loads

- Anhedonia + Low Dopamine

- Reduced Pleasure

- Low testosterone

- Prostateenlargement

- Varicocele


Is the FIRST program on men's sexual health, where men can find solutions to their specific problems.

You will not only improve your reproductive health but your overall health in general.

This makes total sense: when our biology isn't functioning optimally, nature doesn't want us to reproduce.

The course is strategically crafted in order to optimize sexual health and fertility. We will cover the solutions as a whole.

OPTION 1. Big D*ck Energy Ebook

This written program includes everything you have to know about male fertility, testosterone, prostate, sexual health, and varicocele.

OPTION 2. The EROS Program

The second option includes the first option, with an additional video course that has three main parts: lifestyle, nutrition + digestion, and to-the-point solutions for any kind of sexual dysfunction.

1) Lifestyle solutions for:

  • Sleep disorders like sleep apnea, snoring & mouth breathing that can affect sexual function
  • Sleep better & deeper with sleep quality-enhancing methods
  • Xenoestrogen detoxification (chemicals can cause Small D Energy)
  • PUFA & Iron overload protocol (rancid fat and excessive iron can cause rapid aging and sexual dysfunction).

2) Nutrition, Digestion & Metabolism:

  • Improving your digestion for fertility and sexual function
  • Nutrition for erections and performance
  • Metabolism, Testosterone & Nutrition

3) Fix Sexual Dysfunction:

  • Foundations to prevent and reverse sexual dysfunction
  • Fixing Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction
  • Fixing Vasogenic Erectile Dysfunction
  • Fixing Premature Ejaculation
  • Enhancing You Experience
  • Fertility-promoting strategies & nutrition


  • Varicocele protocol
  • Sex tonic recipe for performance

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The EROS Program - Sexual Health for Men, Fix ED & PE

5 ratings
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