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Primal Spartan

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Primal Spartan

3 ratings

⚔️ There is No Excuse to Stay Weak (CLICK HERE) ⚔️

It is not a sin if you are weak, it is a sin when you don’t do anything about it. The tools and knowledge provided in Primal Spartan will set you way ahead than most of your peers, especially if you are a young men in his 20's.

Society and education is focused on weakening, by feminizing the crap out of young guys while shifting the norm to basically normalize weakness. 

What Makes Men Weak?

  • Malnutrition and wrong diets
  • Plastics, xenoestrogens and body care products
  • Social Media and Media in general
  • Degenerative Culture
  • Any kind of Addiction: cigarettes, booze, fast food and porn


The weaknesses that I just summoned up can be transmuted into strengths. You can establish the RIGHT mental mindset and boundaries to protect your future selves. Especially when you are young, you didn't receive the 'education' and knowledge you should have had. 

This is why I wrote Primal Spartan, to set you on the right track by the means of 3 main pillars:

  1. Mental toughness cultivation
  2. Physical training
  3. The High Thumos Diet

This is a Guide that will teach you ancient principles to heal the mind, body and soul and to set yourself on the righteous trajectory!

Primal Spartan is the first course of the Ancient Series that has the purpose of ameliorating men's physique.

You will learn:

  • Become addiction FREE
  • Cultivate mental toughness + discipline 
  • How you can feed your constitution to become strong in both mind and body
  • Introduction to fasting & feasting, and how to break a fast properly
  • The exact diet that the Spartans ate and how you can optimize it 
  • Guide to Neck Training + Proper Jaw Development
  • High Thumos foods and ancient nutritional principles
  • How exercise looked like in ancient Sparta & how you can train like the ancients without the T lowering aspects of the past
  • Get a training regimen where you will train 6 out of 7 
  • Tools for recovery
  • Training for testosterone
  • BONUS: includes Barbarian Neck Training

& more


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