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Man Manes: Reverse Hair Loss

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Reverse Hair Loss Naturally Within The Next 90 Days

Losing your hair is quite devastating as it is part of your aesthetic and reflects your inner state of health.

You might think that when your hair falls out it is there is nothing you can do against it.Ā 

Especially if you are a man, they will say it is either genetic or caused by elevated levels of DHT (another form of testosterone).

The deeper root causes are usually chronic stress, inflammation, and low thyroid function/hypothyroidism; all of which are NOT known or mentioned by the mainstream health community.Ā 

The mainstream claims it is related to androgen hormones, which is not the complete picture.

The truth is that hair loss of any kind, even the so-called predisposed genetic hair loss, is totally under your control...

When you understand hair follicle physiology it will give you the empowerment & confidence back to reclaim your health.

This course will show you how to prevent hair loss & thinning of the hair all NATURALLY, by regenerating the hair follicle's physiology.

The Man Manes Method Will Teach You:

  1. A specific step-by-step approach on how to reverse hair loss naturally
  2. How to reverse hair loss; solutions for different kinds of hair loss like alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, and male pattern baldness.
  3. Specific protocol to regrow hair if you have male pattern baldness.
  4. Multiple protocols/guides to achieve healthy scalp and hair:
    • Dandruff protocol
    • Grey hair protocol
    • Nutrition guide for healthy hair
    • Topical solutions for scalp tension
    • Hormonal support to regrow hair
    • Shower filter recommendations
  5. Over 50+ video lessons on how to reverse hair loss
  6. In total over 100+ pages on how to have healthy hair!

Bonus content:

  1. Ancestral Gut Health Course + Ebook (Value $99)
  2. Xenoestrogen Detox Guide Ebook (Value $39)
  3. Telegram Support Group (Lifetime access)

Testimonials from students:

Disclaimer: This program works, but it will take some time to regrow your hair

Fix your hair loss - Start Today!

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Man Manes: Reverse Hair Loss

7 ratings
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