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Self-Mastery Through the Archetypes & Neurotransmitters

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About Me

I have built a thriving & successful business that provides me the freedom to travel all over Latin America while working online.

But it didn't start out that way...

For the past decade, I have had no peace of mind, racy thoughts, overthinking things, indecisiveness, lack of mental stamina, and drive...

My life was all over the place, but the worst part of it was how I lacked the ability to coordinate my will towards achievement.

Little did I know about the 4 main neurotransmitters & the archetypes.

My life changed when I made this discovery, a connection...

A Discovery I'm Proud Of

Recently I found out that the male archetypes are connected to the 4 main neurochemicals:

  • dopamine & the Warrior
  • acetylcholine & the Magician
  • serotonin & The Lover
  • GABA & the King

Each archetype has very strong similarities with one of these neurotransmitters...

Why does this matter?

The profile of your neurochemistry determines how you perceive, act, and feel, but mostly, how you ARE in life.

So why does this matter?

Imagine a neurotransmitter roller coaster where:

  • you want to take action but you hold yourself always back
  • you don't feel well, have mood fluctuations, and you lack order in your life
  • you have low energy, both mental and physical, lacking the drive to actually accomplish things from start to finish
  • you cannot expand your mind, you stay in old patterns & habits, unable to break free from those
  • you struggle with actual growth, self-development, mastery of self, and self-leadership
  • you wonder why others are in a flow state, achieving things with little to no effort, attracting opportunities & you wonder how you can reach this yourself

The Connection I Made

👑 GABA - King

GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid is the break of the nervous system, a calming & restorative neurotransmitter most (young) men are deficient in.

From my personal experience and from coaching other men, I have seen many GABA deficiencies.

Just like the King archetype, so does GABA brings order into the minds of men.

Extreme low GABA levels are associated with anxiety, sleep disorders like insomnia, excessive thinking, no mental control, impulsivity, depression, and lack of consistency.

You will learn how to balance GABA in relation to the other neurotransmitters, and how you can access the King archetype.

⚔️ Dopamine - Warrior

Dopamine is the main neurotransmitter for movement, for action, hence why I associate this catecholamine with the Warrior archetype.

The Warrior is on his mission, determined and dedicated to fulfilling his purpose to his King.

High dopamine people move forward with high speed, succeeding rapidly in business endeavors; these are the men that get things done.

Most likely your dopamine is under attack. Your dopamine might be low & you aren't seeing ANY progress, or very little...

You will learn how to optimize your dopamine and Warrior energy and propel yourself forward with speed so you can succeed in your personal missions.

🔮 Acetylcholine - Magician

Acetylcholine is the main neurotransmitter of thought and thus facilitates thinking processes, learning, observation, memory, and the ability to understand.

The Magician is the archetype that understands how the world works. It is also the archetype of initiation, helping others in their transformative journey.

This lack of initiation in modern times shows off in a lack of masculine maturity and the death of the process of initiation itself.

You will learn about initiation, accessing your Magician, and how to use your mind as a true Magician.

❤️ Serotonin - Lover

Optimal serotonin levels bring you into a flow state where you can experience synchronicities while enjoying a sense of well-being and contentedness.

Imbalanced serotonin levels show themselves in feeling out of control, lacking mental stability, and feelings of losing it...

Many men are one-sided, missing this secret ingredient, which can be found by accessing the Lover archetype. Are you missing out on charm, authenticity, relaxation, and real enjoyment in your life?

You will learn how to achieve this.

Why This Course?

Imagine This...

✔ After you have integrated the principles in this course, and after balancing your neurotransmitters, you will have absolute understanding and control over your own existence.

✔ All neurotransmitters and archetypes are explained. You will receive exactly what to know about them, nutritional recommendations, supplementation, and lifestyle modifications, tailored to your needs.

✔ The idea of a Renaissance man resonates with you because you WANT to become one, BUT you struggle with where to start... You are overwhelmed. Start right here. Knowing Thyself is the first step to live a fulfilled and balanced life.

✔ Maybe something is off in your personal life, and you have trouble dealing with it... changing your neurochemistry profoundly influences how you perceive the world, yourself, and how you deal with circumstances.

✔ Imagine having peace of mind, a deep trust in how life will unfold for you, knowing that everything will be alright.

Is This For You?

Let's see who this program is for and for who this program isn't.

This program is for action-takers, esoteric adventurers, and those who improve themselves.

If you are not of the above, feel free to close this page...

What Others Are Saying:

So Much To Gain, So Little To Lose

So this program costs you a little bit of money. No one likes to drop money on the table. I get it

But think of the following:

  • Self-mastery through neurotransmitter balance
  • Life-changing perception with possible new opportunities
  • A new you, optimized, and more self-aware than ever before
  • Letting your lifepath unfold through accessing the King archetype

This could literally change the future of your life's trajectory.

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Self-Mastery Through the Archetypes & Neurotransmitters

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