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The Barbarian Diet - Elite Nutrition for Hormonal Health

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Learn the exact steps to optimize your testosterone in the 800-1200 range with nutrition

You will be less likely to find a book that covers the specifics of men's health & testosterone optimization.

There aren't many of those, and if they exist, they cover the most generic health advice that everyone already knows about.

Nutrition by itself is just isolated knowledge...

Nutrition is to be understood in a broader context which includes digestion, metabolism, metabolic typing, (personal) deficiencies, individual biology & goals, etc.

For instance, people with darker hair need more copper as they produce higher amounts of melanin.

Someone with dopamine dominance will need more tyrosine than someone with GABA dominance who needs more glutamine.

As you can see, nutrition is individual...

The Barbarian Diet is designed to get you to peak health.

Optimal health can be achieved by knowing exactly what to do in consideration of your metabolic type & neurotransmitter dominance.

But before you start, I'd like to show my personal levels... so you can see how nutrition leads to high testosterone maintenance.

My Personal T Levels

↪️ Levels tested 2021: Total T 1253 ng/dL

Nutrition has been a key player in my testosterone optimization & maintenance* journey... Maintenance is keeping your testosterone high by the means of nutrition and lifestyle.

Diet and nutrition are the main pillars for:

  • Digestion, digestive function, and metabolism
  • Neurotransmitter balance
  • Androgen hormones, and balancing estrogen and prolactin
  • Keeping stress hormones in check
  • Mental health, energy & productivity
  • Longevity & healthy aging

Whatever your goals are, The Barbarian Diet has the answers to fuel and achieve those goals.

Learn more about holistic men's health, balancing hormones, and using food as medicine in 'The Barbarian Diet'

What's Inside The Barbarian Diet?

  • 100+ Pages of secret nutritional knowledge
  • Self-diagnosis: How to spot and correct nutrient deficiencies
  • Metabolic typing self-test (eat according to your metabolic type)
  • What to avoid for optimal testosterone levels
  • The untold link between gut health and Testosterone
  • Diet & Nutrition Strategies (you'd wish to learn sooner)
  • The Barbarian Diet on a budget
  • Discover the healing powers of over +50 foods & herbs


1. Detox Guide (Xenoestrogens, Heavy Metals, and Halogens) Value $39

2. Supplement Guide Ebook, Value $29

Why this program?

This program goes DEEP into the science of nutrition, with the aim and focus on holistic men's health.

It will show you solutions for:

✔️ Getting to peak 1% of health

✔️ More energy throughout the day

✔️ Testosterone levels between the 800-1200 range

✔️ No bloat, or other digestive issues

✔️ Better performance & gains in the gym

✔️ Clear mind, mental strength, drive, and motivation

✔️ Mastery over nutrition, nutrition hacks, tips & tricks

✔️ High libido, stronger erections, and lasting longer

✔️ Longevity foods no one talks about (grows longer telomeres)


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The Barbarian Diet - Elite Nutrition for Hormonal Health

11 ratings
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