Lion's Mane, Healthy Hair for You ๐Ÿฆ

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This new killer course goes in depth on the ROOT CAUSES of hair loss and metabolic function and is made both for men and women to get you to an optimal state of health so you can prevent and regenerate hair loss and graying of the hair.

You might think that when your hair falls out it is there is nothing you can do against it, especially if you are a man they will say it is genetic or it is a cause of elevated DHT, which is another form of testosterone.

The truth is that hair loss of any kind, even the so called predisposed genetic hair loss, is totally under your control! This course will show you how to prevent hair loss & thinning of the hair, maintain hair and even reverse and regenerate the hair follicle โ€“ all NATURALLY of course.

Losing your hair is quiet devastating as it is part of your aesthetics. The reason behind it reflects an underlying cause such as chronic stress, inflammation and low thyroid function or hypothyroidism. All of which is NOT known or mentioned by the mainstream health community, which will claim it is related to androgen hormones.

As everyone has a different lifestyle, the physiology remains the same. Knowing this and knowing how to address the physiology inside you is the key to address any hair problems that you face today. As I reversed my chronic hair loss so can you do too. This is why I covered ALL aspects in this course, so you can benefit the full spectrum approach towards having healthy manes.

In Lion's Mane (Basic Version) you will learn about:

  • The physiology behind the hair follicle
  • How your metabolism and thyroid effect hair growth
  • Why a TSH test is not enough to know if you are hypothyroidism
  • How you can interpret your thyroid panel and blood work
  • How you can reverse hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's
  • How testosterone and DHT actually PROTECTย against hair loss
  • The connection between Keto diets and hair loss
  • All the root causes of alopecia, thinning of the hair and grey hair
  • Natural solutions for hair loss and graying of the hair
  • Nutrition that applies for healthy hair
  • Supplements and herbs for healthy hair
  • Topical application to increase circulation
  • Topical application to regenerate the hair follicle

The "Lion's Mane Healthy Hair for You" is one of the few courses that doesn't BLAME DHT for causing hair loss.

WHY Lion's Mane?

โœ… Get a NO BS approach in reversing + preventing hair loss

โœ… Learn about your physiology in an easy to understand and apply format

โœ… Save money on expensive treatments and drugs

โœ… Natural + holistic approach which will benefit your total health

โœ… Maintain HIGH T and Metabolism

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You will get five files, Lion's Mane Healthy Hair for You is the first one which will set the foundation for reversing hair loss. The second document is about tactical nutritional application for thyroid and hair. Third is The Lion's Mane Grocery List and Lastely I included The Xenoestrogen Awareness Guide and Fluorde Detox.

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Lion's Mane, Healthy Hair for You ๐Ÿฆ

3 ratings
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