Complete Nutrition

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This Product is a combination of The Barbarian Diet + Primal Thrive's Lifestyle & Nutritional Principles

You will get both EBooks WITH a Discount!

1. Primal Thrive's Lifestyle & Nutritional Principles:

  • Introduction to SOLAR EATING

  • Having the right mindset about food

  • Using food as a medicine

  • Increase digestive strength

  • Eat according to your body/metabolic type

  • Understand what the avoid

  • Optimize nutritional uptake

  • Learn how to decrease inflammation easily

  • See through diet myths

  • Increase metabolic rate

  • When and how to fast

  • & more...

2. The Barbarian Diet

Most diets are written for woman with the goal of weight loss. You will less likely find a book that talks about which specific foods favour men’s health. The Barbarian Diet will show you what to eat when to eat it, including culinary spices and herbs easy to use and implement by any man of any age.

This course includes a holistic approach and describes over 45 foods and herbs that can help you achieve better health.

The Barbarian Diet Will Teach You:

⚔️ Will teach you what specific foods are needed for testosterone optimization

⚔️ Foods for performance, nitric oxide and recovery

⚔️ Craft your diet for optimal performance

⚔️ Eat like a Barbarian

⚔️ The exact way I eat to thrive

3. Testosterone Grocery List

This one includes an easy meal prep you can do in the weekend and contains a grocery list of 30+ foods.

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You will get Primal Thrive's Principles of Diet and Nutrition + The Barbarian Diet + Testosterone Grocery List


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Complete Nutrition

3 ratings
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