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Solar Testosterone: The Prerequisite for Victory part 2

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Solar Testosterone is the continuation of "Testosterone: The Prerequisite of Victory pt 1" and serves the goal of getting your T levels to use and to the next level.

Solar Testosterone, a new guide that will help men achieve more self-control + cultivate mental toughness + voice reeducation & more.

It goes deeper on aesthetics, cultivating an iron mindset, charisma and a masculine aura. Besides that, we will also cover topics like business and how you can overcome blockages that keep you away from making progress.


In SOLAR TESTOSTERONE you will learn how to:

  • Make discipline your second nature

  • Be addiction free

  • Mitigate the sun's radiation without sunscreen

  • Make your life xenoestrogen free

  • Strategies to reverse the damage done by xenoestrogens

  • Revive the mitochondria to boost testosterone levels

  • Deepen your voice naturally 

  • Use your voice to create more polarity

  • Attract the right type op women

  • Use body language

  • Build confidence

  • Fast and how to break a fast

  • Use tools to build your business

  • Penetrate through the FORCES of RESISTANCE*

  • & so much more...

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Solar Testosterone: The Prerequisite for Victory part 2

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